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Sansa sighed and looked around, it would be winter in Winterfell soon, all the villagers were buzzing about with talk of it. They all spoke of how cold it was going to be, but Sansa wasn’t worried about such things as these. She was a Stark, and the blood of the first men ran through her veins. She knew they would endure it well and survive. As she walked alone near the Godswood she called for Lady, the young wolf pup’s head shout out from the snow, ears perked up before she took off for her human. Snow still clung to her nose, so Sansa laughed and lightly brushed it off. “Just look at you, getting all dirty. Ladies aren’t supposed to get dirty you know.” The pup tilted her head to the side, as if she understood what her human master said. Sansa lowered her own to kiss the wolf on the top of her head before scratching behind her ears. The girl straightened and continued down the path. Her long cloak pulled tightly around her, the only thing visible to distinguish who she was, was the long flowing Tully Red hair that met just beyond her shoulders and the pup by her side.